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Hailed as the birthplace of Halloween, Ireland's celebration is more of the Americanized version these days, but it does have a few unique twists. During parties to celebrate the occasion, a game called "snap-apple" is played. An apple is tied to a string and hung from a doorway or a tree branch. A person with her hands tied behind her back then attempts to bite the apple. Also on Halloween, the Irish eat a treat called a barmbrack—a cake that contains items believed to predict the eater's future. Finding a ring means the person will be wed soon, and a piece of string means that person will have a prosperous year.

Interestingly, it is said that the creation of jack-o'-lanterns also originated in Ireland. In an ancient story, a man called "Stingy Jack" is not allowed into heaven because of the way he lived. He also isn't allowed into hell because he played tricks on the devil. It is rumored that the devil gives Jack an ember out of sympathy so that he could roam the world between good and evil. Jack placed the ember into a hollowed out turnip so that he could find his way.