will.i.am, Faith Hill, Seal and Mary J. Blige
Millions online have viewed Grammy-winning artist will.i.am's music video "Yes We Can," a song set to President Barack Obama's New Hampshire primary speech. He followed that with another celebratory song and video, "It's a New Day." Now, will.i.am and music producer David Foster have teamed up in honor of this special time in our nation's history to create "America's Song." 

"America's Song" is now available on will.i.am, David Foster, Bono, Mary J. Blige, Faith Hill & Seal - America's Song - Single - America's Song

Watch the video for "America's Song"
A world premiere from Will.i.am, David Foster, Faith Hill, Bono, Seal and Mary J. Blige.

Will.i.am Will.i.am on Inspiration Behind "America's Song"
Will.i.am talks about the inspiration behind the song he co-wrote with legendary music producer David Foster.

David Foster David and Will.i.am on Collaboration
David and Will.i.am talk about their first collaboration ever for The Oprah Winfrey Show and the inauguration of President Obama.

Bono Bono and Will.i.am Rehearse
Go into the studio with Bono and Will.i.am as they rehearse "America's Song."

Faith Hill Recording with Faith Hill
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of "America's Song" with country star Faith Hill.

Seal In the Studio with Seal
Watch as Grammy-winning artist Seal records his vocals.

Mary J. Blige Mary J. Blige Exclusive
Before the world premiere, Mary J. Blige lays down tracks with Will.i.am and David.


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