Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
On March 12, 2008, Eliot Spitzer announced his resignation as governor of New York amid alleged links to a prostitution ring. In light of this news, the question on many people's minds is, "Why would a powerful, successful, high-profile man like Spitzer go to a prostitute?" Rabbi Shmuley speculates as to why the former governor sought the services of a prostitute and how he might have behaved instead.

Rabbi Shmuley says Spitzer is a prime example of a "broken American male"—a self-loathing man who defines success only in terms of money, power and status. Rabbi Shmuley says Spitzer purchased sex to make himself feel momentarily powerful. "It's a power game," he says. "It's that you get control—that your money can buy a woman. Who needs power over others? Those who feel utterly powerless."

According to Rabbi Shmuley, the solution to the self-hatred and cheating ways of many modern men is to set a new definition of success. Rather than defining success in terms of his career or purchased sexual exploits, Rabbi Shmuley says Spitzer—and other men like him—should define success in terms of being a loving husband and devoted father. "No high-price hooker is ever going to make him feel special—it's a new definition of success that will," he says.

Today's Shmuleyism
"The great man is not he who can balance a state budget, but he who helps his children with their algebra; not he who hits home runs, but he who runs home to be with his family; not he who wins primaries, but he who makes his wife and his children primary."
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