The Biggest Loser Ranch in Photos
Biggest Loser Resort sign
Welcome to the Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge in Ivins, Utah. Guests staying at the resort workout six to eight hours a day and eat a diet of just 1,200 calories.
Van seven climbing team
Go van seven! My climbing team stopped for a short break in a cave along the Third Ravine hiking route.
Third Ravine cave entrance
The entrance to the Third Ravine cave. It was 106 degrees this day, which meant a dark and creepy cave felt just right.
End of Stop Sign hike
This marks my finish of the infamous Stop Sign hike. The paved path is 4.5 miles uphill! You know you're finally finished when you reach this street sign. Most people touch it, but I went for a good strangle.
Camel Back
Day 3 was the day we tackled Camel Back, an intense and rocky uphill climb.
Team shadows
My team posed for a quick shadow shot at the top of mountain.
Top of Camel Back Mountain
The very, very tip-top of the Camel.
Saddle climb path
This is the path down the backside of the very challenging Saddle climb. If you look close, you'll see the little tiny people making their way down. I climbed up and down this monster on the final day of my week at the resort.
Fern Gulley
Ah, Fern Gulley. A seemingly innocent hike...until you find yourself in a mile-long stretch of sand. Not easy on the calves, thighs, ankles, eyelashes, earlobes. Sand is no friend to hikers, though it was a great calorie-burner!
John and his assistant Megan
Trainer John and his assistant Megan are geared up and ready to teach Cardio Disco Jam.
Ivins, Utah sunset
The stunning sunset in Ivins, Utah.
Saddle trail
My turn for Saddle. I had an opportunity to climb this hike the day before but opted out because of pain (or was it fear?). Instead of leaving with regrets, I hired a private hike guide to take me up the mountain. It was totally worth it.
Saddle trail
An artsy shot along the Saddle trail. This little area is referred to as the Flintstone house.
Snake rescue
Kami (my hike guide) and I rescue a snake from a certain death at the bottom of a water hole. Okay, fine, Kami saved the snake and I took the picture.

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