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As Dr. Oz tours the area, the Red Cross sends him a baby in desperate need. "The baby's heart rate is over 200," he says. "That means there's not enough fluid in the body. If there's not enough fluid in the body, the heart has to beat faster. We've got to get this baby on a chopper out of here to get medical care."

Dr. Oz gives the baby a bottle of Gatorade and makes sure the baby's family is taken to a hospital. "Oprah, when I think about what I learned here, I think there are fundamental things that I come away with. The first is that 99 percent of the people that we saw in New Orleans had incredible grace under a lot of pressure; 1 percent didn't. That 1 percent is what was focused on a lot. And I came down thinking that there was one person doing a little bit. It's probably not going to change the world very much. And I remember that little kid that I ran into, dehydrated. Limp. And just giving a little water to that kid made a difference in his life.

"So I asked myself. Can one person make a difference? For me it did. And I think for him it did, too. That's a lesson I'm never going to forget."
FROM: Oprah on Location: Inside the Katrina Catastrophe
Published on September 06, 2005


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