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Dr. Mehmet Oz was the first from our team to arrive on the scene in New Orleans, with hopes of helping the world understand the medical difficulties victims are facing. With most of the hospitals evacuated, Dr. Oz headed to the Louis Armstrong International Airport, where most of the injured are being treated in makeshift clinics. There, Dr. Oz was unprepared for what he saw: thousands of sick and injured survivors, many who had gone days without food or water, patiently awaiting treatment.

Everyone has a harrowing story of how they got to the airport-turned-hospital. Dr. Oz evaluated the condition of one man suffering from wounds he sustained after punching through a window to escape rising floodwaters. "It's been four days and this man is in serious trouble if he does not get medical attention," warns Dr. Oz.

Though grateful to be alive, this survivor is more concerned about finding his family than his own well-being: "I'd rather lose my hand than not be with my children."
FROM: Oprah on Location: Inside the Katrina Catastrophe
Published on September 06, 2005


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