Vacation Day
Hit the roller coaster at an amusement park
Amusement Park
A day at the amusement park can feel more chaotic than carefree if not planned properly. Use these tips to find calm among the crowds and get the most out of your trip.

Print out a map of the park before you go, and have each person in the family put stickers on the rides they want to try—green for the must-dos, yellow for the maybes and red for the if-there's-time options. Laying out a game plan early will help maximize your family's time and get the kids excited from the get-go.

Ward off the boredom of long lines with a family scavenger hunt. Give out the challenge on the ride to the park—who can find two girls wearing pigtails, six men in blue T-shirts, five park-goers eating funnel cake? Your kids won't even notice that they've been waiting 45 minutes to board the roller coaster.

Set a game allowance for each person in your group and make your own mini-Olympics. Divide into teams for Skee-Ball, water-gun races and beanbag throwing contests and then make your own family prizes (winner gets to choose the music for the ride home!) for first, second and third place.