Kendall is in for more surprises on 'The Oprah Show.'


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In what she calls an "out of body experience," Kendall walks across the stage and sits between Oprah and President Clinton. "I wanted you here today to say that you are the shining light for the rest of the world," Oprah says. "[President Clinton] has written a whole book about giving, but you are the prime example of what one person can do. From your hospital bed, even, what one person can do."

Kendall has raised $100,000, but she has higher hopes for the future. "My next goal is to raise $1 million for AIDS orphans in Africa," she says.

Little does Kendall know that she's moved a friend traveling with President Clinton—and he's ready to help make her dreams come true. During a commercial break, he whispers an unexpected surprise into President Clinton's ear. "Kendall, the man who came here with me today—who absolutely forbade me to use his name because he wants to be anonymous—wants me to tell you that he is going to give you a half a million dollars."
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Published on September 04, 2007


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