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President Clinton says his wife, New York Senator and 2008 presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton, still keeps him in the political loop. "I'm still sort of in politics because Hillary's in politics but I'm glad it's her instead of me. Sometimes I get a call from around the country saying, 'You realize I'm 15 years older than you were when you did this?' And I say, 'Well, nobody made you run, girl,'" he says. "Sometimes I get a call, I'm actually on the golf course. I can play golf because I'm not running for office, you know. I like it."

President Clinton says he's involved in his wife's campaign for president, but not in an official manner. "If she's writing an important article or giving an important speech, she'll ask me to read it," he says. "And once in a while she'll ask me for some advice on something strategic. But she knows so much more about a lot of this stuff than I do because I'm far removed from it."

If Hillary is elected as the first woman president, what will President Clinton's new title be? "My Scottish friends say I should be called 'first laddie' because it's the closest thing to first lady," he says. "I'm not so worried about what I'm called as what I'm called upon to do."
FROM: Former President Bill Clinton's New Passion and Andre Agassi
Published on September 04, 2007


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