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President Clinton continues to give back to the world through the Clinton Global Initiative, a meeting of people who make a commitment to do something specific to help people. He says attendees brainstorm new ideas and then sign up for a project. "This is a meeting for givers, and the whole idea of this is to stop having meetings where we talk about the problems, and start having meetings where we do something about them," he says.

If you'd like to help people but you don't know how, President Clinton says the Internet creates an almost unlimited capacity to get involved. Kiva, for example, gives its visitors an easy way to impact the lives of people around the world, right from their living rooms.

"I think that there are both opportunities and potential givers out there everyplace that haven't been tapped," President Clinton says. "One of the things we know is that intelligence, ability and dreams and the willingness to work hard, they're evenly distributed throughout the world and throughout the neighborhoods of America. But systems, opportunity and investment aren't. So insofar as the rest of us can provide that, that's what we ought to do."

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FROM: Former President Bill Clinton's New Passion and Andre Agassi
Published on September 04, 2007


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