Predator Update
Ernest Edgar Thomas Jr.
Another accused predator has been captured! Ernest Edgar Thomas Jr., a repeat sex offender, was taken into custody after a four-month manhunt.

According to police, Thomas snatched his first known victim, a young girl, right off the street, then sexually assaulted her in his car. After serving three and a half years in prison, he was released. He then kidnapped and sexually abused another girl for five years, forcing her to perform sexual acts on herself with a handgun while he shot video and pictures, according to authorities. After he was arrested and charged, he was released on bail. On November 10, 2005, just minutes before a jury found him guilty, Thomas disappeared. He was on the run for four months before being tracked down in a boarding house in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Thanks to the FBI and local and state authorities, Thomas is once again behind bars!