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With only three weeks to finish building the school, Ola says it sometimes felt like it would never get done. "But it only made us work harder," she says.

The hard work paid off, and the O Ambassadors were able to present their gift to the community right on schedule.

Watch the school's dedication ceremony. Watch

Andrew says he will never forget the faces of the kids in that village. "Right after we ripped the plastic off of the sign, we all rushed into the school, and all these kids ran in there and just packed, and it was just like this great energy. There was all this hope and happiness," he says.

Thanks to this group of O Ambassadors, 50 kids from the village will be able to get an education. "Their kids are their future, and that's what they're depending on," Ryan says. "I felt like I was changing the future of a whole community. It was amazing. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life."
FROM: A Global Adventure: The O Ambassadors Launch
Published on July 10, 2008


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