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One of the O Ambassadors's favorite days was spent just hanging out with the Kenyan kids and teaching them games like Red Light, Green Light. "They were really good at soccer, so we played a little bit of soccer with them and they just completely whooped us," Andrew says. "But they did ask some weird questions. They were like, 'How many wives do you have?'"

Some of the O Ambassadors also got to see what a Kenyan girl's home was like. "Ukabeth was one of the most relatable, special, genuinely unique girls I met," O Ambassador Haley says. "We all felt so comfortable with each other, just like friends back home."

Ukabeth proudly hangs the newspapers she's read and her completed school workbooks on the walls of her home. "She prays that she can go to school and continue her education, and I think it's just really beautiful," Haley says.

She also shows them her bed and tells them how her family's goats also sleep in the house. Then, Ukabeth serves her guests some chai tea—and shares the best ingredients with everyone. "She's so proud of everything she has," Haley says. "I can really see her making a difference in Kenya."

Despite their differences, everyone took one important lesson away from their time together. "We are all kids no matter where we're from, where we grow up. Every single one of us has the same values and innocence about us," Haley says. "There's no reason for them to be less privileged or different than us."
FROM: A Global Adventure: The O Ambassadors Launch
Published on July 10, 2008