Oprah: You've been given the talent of great humor. How do you want to continue using it as the best expression of who you are?

Tina: I want to keep creating comedy that is, as my old improv teacher would say, at the top of our intelligence or higher. It's easy to fall into the trap of just cranking out things that are good enough to sell.

Oprah: How do you choose the work that's most important to you? By now, I could have had a food line, a furniture line, and a perfume line.

Tina: I choose one project at a time. I'm like, "If I saw this on my shelf a year from now, would I think it was good—or would I think it's b.s.?" People have asked me to put my name on other shows, but I won't do it. The only hallmark I have for what I do is that I've worked hard on it. I can't lend my name to something I didn't work on.

Oprah: Has somebody asked you to do the Tina Fey doll yet?

Tina: No!

Oprah: It's coming. But I've always believed that if you say yes to everything that comes along, people won't believe you when you really do have something meaningful to say. Final question: What do you know for sure?

Tina: I know for sure that you can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at. I know for sure that a hard-boiled egg is two points on Weight Watchers. I know for sure that my kid needs my husband and me to be with her more. And I know for sure that I can't get comfortable with all the attention I've been getting because it won't last forever. It's just a moment—and there will be other moments when people don't care what I'm doing.

Oprah: This was fun—thank you for spending a rainy Saturday afternoon with me.

Tina: Thanks for stopping by!