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Peggy says the biggest challenge the coming Obama Administration will face is to strike a balance between America's clear hunger for change...while not upsetting America's fundamental desire for stability. "Americans like it when a wave hits the shore and washes away the bad stuff and the garbage," she says. "But they don't ever want to see a wave hit the shore and wash away the good things. A real challenge is to make the change you want to without being at all destructive. It's a hard thing."

David says instant change probably isn't the right course to take anyway, considering the serious issues President-elect Obama will inherit the minute he takes the oath of office. One of the most pressing issues, he says, is our economic mess—the worst since Franklin Roosevelt was president. 

"It's worth remembering that Roosevelt's genius was not in bringing instant change," David says. "It took a good number of years to bring us out of the valley. But Roosevelt built a bridge of hope across the valley for millions of Americans. It made the times easier, psychologically, to get through. To me, that's one of the challenges for Barack Obama—to build that new bridge of hope. To take these masses of people who are out supporting him and make them a force for hope for the longer haul. ... Hope has to keep winning."
FROM: Oprah's Post-Election Special
Published on January 03, 2011


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