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Even though Peggy voted for Senator McCain, she says his supporters are ready to unify around President-elect Obama. "We have a great tradition in America that we choose a new president and we all try, to the best of our ability, to come together around him," she says. "This Sunday is going to be a great moment because Americans are going to go to Mass and church and various religious get-togethers and most everybody will mention the new president and pray for him. It's going to be beautiful."

Peggy says that in Senator McCain's concession speech, he set the stage for the entire country to rally around President-elect Obama. "[Senator McCain] is a great American, an authentically great one," she says. "This is a man who suffered for five and a half years in a prisoner of war camp, and this is a man who has given his life to the rough to and fro of politics in America. I think his statement last night that we must gather round and support the new president was a beautiful thing and a good way to begin."
FROM: Oprah's Post-Election Special
Published on January 03, 2011


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