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Gloria supported Senator Hillary Clinton at the beginning of the presidential campaign, but Oprah says she received an e-mail from Gloria early on congratulating her for publicly supporting a candidate. "Even you understood at the beginning of this campaign that this was something bigger than all of us," Oprah says. 

Gloria says that while she supported Senator Clinton, she knew she would be happy if Barack Obama were elected president. "We kind of had an embarrassment of riches," she says. "I feel as if I got my future back in a funny way, because I was in my 30s when I thought my country was moving toward democracy, and then two Kennedys were killed and then Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, and it's as if the future died. Now I feel as if our future has come back and in an even better form because the Kennedys and Clintons tried to be inclusive, but this isn't about being inclusive. It is the thing itself. It is actually happening."

David says that even though a woman was not elected this time around, it is clear that it's on the horizon. "[Hillary Clinton] put those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, as she said, and women did not make it through the door this year," he says. "But two things happened. One is Hillary Clinton was a real soldier for Barack Obama; she made 70 different appearances for him. She deserves a lot of credit for that. And women rallied behind Obama."
In the 2004 election, Democrats won the female vote by only three points. In 2008, President-elect Obama won the female vote by 13 points. "That says a lot about women in this country," David says. "Their time will come too."
FROM: Oprah's Post-Election Special
Published on January 03, 2011