Dr. Mehmet Oz
Over the past 30 years, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has played a part in reshaping the political landscape. As founder of the Center for Health Transformation, a Washington, D.C., think tank, he's working with private and public sector leaders to transform the healthcare system in America. Dr. Oz talks with Newt, who outlines the four strategic questions the Center is working to answer in order to create lasting healthcare for future generations.

How do we empower individuals to take personal responsibility for their health?
Newt says individuals have a right to know how they can better control their health and must create a personal contract with themselves about taking care of their health before they become patients.

How do we change the society and culture?
To address this issue, Newt says physical education must be reasserted as a top priority in public schools. Healthier meals, snacks and dietary fundamentals should also be made available to all students, he says.

How do we make hospitals and doctors more efficient?
Newt says the future of healthcare depends on 21st-century hospital facilities, in-depth training for healthcare practitioners as well as a 21st-century approach to community health leadership.

How do we pay for it?
Newt says when the above three questions are addressed, the necessary funding will follow. "You get people to take care of themselves, you create support for taking care of yourself and you have the most efficient, productive possible health system," he says. "Then we believe we can find the money so that we can have every single person in the health system."
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