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Ray and Chas were not close at boarding school, but they did cross paths, once, at Myer's lake house. Both remember other cadets suspected Myer of molesting students. The two boys refused to believe the rumors until they were confronted first-hand with the horrible truth. "He didn’t seem like that type of person," Chas says.

Both Chas and Ray believe their vulnerability made them ideal targets for Myer. "I think that Walt Myer saw my innocence and how vulnerable I was," Ray says, "and that I wasn't used to being away from home and that I didn't like being there."

Chas, who had lost his father and brother only four years earlier, felt like an outcast at the school and trusted and confided in Myer. He says he had no one to turn to about the abuse because Myer was his only friend. "There was no one to tell [about the abuse]," Chas says. "For me, [Myer] was the only person I really trusted at the school." Chas and Ray, already considered outsiders by their classmates, feared complete isolation if the abuse was discovered.

Ray says he still feels anger toward Myer. "I hate that man so bad," he says. "My whole life I've always looked for him everywhere I went, hoping I'll see him one more time."
FROM: Oprah's Latest Capture: From Boys' School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile
Published on January 01, 2006


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