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Ray was an impressionable sixth grader when "Captain Myer" befriended him. "When I first met him, it was almost like he was a big teddy bear. Just a great, good-hearted man," Ray remembers.

Ray says it took about a year for Myer's seduction to turn physical. "It really started out as just an innocent massage, a little bit by little bit," Ray says. "Then little bit by little bit there would be a little bit more touching a little bit more rubbing. Eventually, it turned into where he was actually masturbating me. It was an every night thing." Ray says he was molested for three years, and with each year, Myer became more and more aggressive.

Ray remembers the most terrifying attack occurred on a camping trip. "We went and laid down in the tent that night. He, of course, gave us a massage. One of the things he did after I had ejaculated—he, like, licked it off his hands and rubbed it on my chest. … I still have nightmares about it to this day."
FROM: Oprah's Latest Capture: From Boys' School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile
Published on January 01, 2006