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Chas was just 8 years old when he witnessed his beloved father and brother hit and killed by a train. "He was my Superman," says Chas of his father. For years after the tragic accident, his mother Gloria tried to fill the void, but realized she needed help. She decided to send Chas to an all-boys military boarding school with the hope that he would find a good male role model. Instead, he found Walter Edward Myer.

From first meeting "Captain Myer," Chas says, he looked up to him. "He was there for you if you had a problem. If you got beat up in school, you'd go to him and he'd take care of it." Soon, Chas along with a small group of students started making regular visits to Myer's lake house. "He had jet skis and a boat," Chas says. It was a paradise for young boys—and a place with no rules. "He had cognac and cigars there and vodka," Chas remembers. "We thought that was cool."

Then one night, things at the lake house took a dark turn. "I went up and went to sleep and he came in and hugged me and kissed me on the side of the head," Chas remembers. Then Myer's touch became explicitly sexual, Chas says: "He was going down on me, putting his mouth on my private parts," he says. "He kind of was touching me all over. I was completely terrified."
FROM: Oprah's Latest Capture: From Boys' School Director to Most Wanted Pedophile
Published on January 01, 2006


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