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Stationed in Camp Falcon, a U.S. military base outside Baghdad, Sgt. Takila Addison's job is to coordinate all cargo and supplies coming in and out of the base. "If I make a mistake, it can be very critical," she says.

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Takila is serving her second tour in Iraq—but it's her first time as a single mother. "I left my daughter. She's 2. I keep [pictures of her] on my person right here in my pocket at all times," Takila says. "So when I just need to look at something and cheer myself up, I just pull them out."

Her personal living quarters aren't large, but they're big enough to hold a bed, a dresser with two drawers and a wall locker. There are also thick walls around where the soldiers sleeping quarters to protect against things like mortar rounds and rockets. "I am thankful that we are actually inside of a building now," she says. "The first time I deployed to Iraq, we were living in tents and there was up to 20, 30 females. So this is a big improvement."
FROM: Oprah on Location at Walter Reed Army Medical Center
Published on February 26, 2009


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