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Marion's decision to deny having used performance-enhancing drugs would later come back to haunt her. On October 5, 2007, the truth was finally told. Marion made a statement informing the public that she had been dishonest. Marion was stripped of her medals and sentenced to six months in jail for lying under oath about her steroid use and involvement in a check fraud scam.

In her first interview since her sentencing, Marion says she accepts the consequences of her actions. "I think that I absolutely should have to accept responsibility for breaking the law," she says.

Marion is disappointed that she received jail time instead of probation but says she knows her punishment isn't in her control. "I put myself in a position to have somebody else determine my immediate future," she says. "I made that decision. I have to live with it. My family has to live with it. And, you know, with the grace of God we'll get through it and come out even better at the other end."
FROM: Exclusive: Marion Jones's First Interview
Published on March 14, 2008


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