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While Marion was preparing for the Olympic Games, she says she never discussed supplements or training regimens with other athletes. "Things are very hush-hush in the world of athletics, particularly when it comes to supplements and vitamins because nobody wants to give anybody else the edge," she says.

After taking these "supplements," which she says she believed to be flaxseed oil, Marion says she noticed she had more energy on the track. She also remembers getting a second wind, at times, and feeling good after a workout when she normally wouldn't. She says she did not attribute these improvements to the possible use of performance-enhancing drugs. "I attributed the difference to hard training, finally getting the supplements working in conjunction with what I'm doing," she says. "And so the results were being shown on the track—everything put together was working."

Marion says she never considered the possibility that she had been given a steroid. Since she was training for the Olympic Games, she says she expected to feel good. "[I thought,] 'I know I'm supposed to feel a little bit stronger, a little bit faster. I'm preparing on the track. I'm preparing in the weight room. The supplements are together. Everything's coming together,'" Marion says. "'I'm supposed to be better this year.'"
FROM: Former Olympic Medalist Marion Jones' First Interview After Prison
Published on October 27, 2008


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