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Marion says she lied to prosecutors because she knew that if she admitted she'd unknowingly taken the steroid, all of her track-and-field performances would be questioned. "I know I had worked hard, and I know I've been blessed with a great amount of talent," she says. "But I didn't know in my heart of hearts how much [the drug] aided me...how much that assisted me at the Sydney Games."

In that fateful moment, Marion says many thoughts ran through her head. "I thought about my family. I thought about how proud they were when I won the medals and when I achieved success and how disappointed they would be," she says. "I thought about my finances. I thought about my sponsors."

If Marion had taken a few minutes to consider her decision, she says she might not be where she is today. "If I had stopped the interview that I was having with the prosecutors, walked out of the room, spoken with my attorneys...just taken five minutes, I think things would be different," she says. "Sometimes we make decisions on impulse, you know?"
FROM: Former Olympic Medalist Marion Jones' First Interview After Prison
Published on October 27, 2008


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