Barack and his wife Michelle take an HIV/AIDS test.

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In August 2006, Senator Obama traveled with his family to Africa where he received a welcome that caught him by surprise, he says. During his trip, Senator Obama visited Ethiopia, Djibouti, Chad and South Africa, but in Kenya, his father's homeland, he received a hero's welcome.

People walked for miles to see Senator Obama, and the closer he got to his father's village, the more Obama mania grew. People cheered, danced and sang songs written just for him. The local school was even renamed in his honor!

While in Kenya, Senator Obama and his wife, Michelle, did something truly groundbreaking...they agreed to take HIV/AIDS tests in public. In a region plagued by HIV, this simple act helped remove the stigma of getting tested.

The Center for Disease Control, which runs testing programs in the region, told Senator Obama that if he got tested with Michelle, it could encourage approximately 500,000 more people to get tested.
FROM: Barack Obama on the Tough Questions
Published on October 18, 2006