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In an interview on CNN's Larry King Live, Oprah encouraged people to support Barack Obama in a presidential run because she feels he can make a difference. "I know I don't just speak for myself," Oprah says. "There are a lot of people who would want you to run for the presidency of the United States."

So would Senator Obama consider running for president in 2008?

"You know, there's a wonderful saying that...the most important office in a democracy is the office of citizen," he says. "We have an election coming up in '06 that is going to determine who's in power in Congress...and that's what I'm spending all my energy [on] ... to make sure that people are paying attention to this election."

Oprah has one more question for Senator Obama. "If you ever would decide to run within the next five years...would you announce on this show?" she asks.

"I don't think I could say no to you," Senator Obama says. "Oprah, you're my girl."
FROM: Barack Obama on the Tough Questions
Published on October 18, 2006


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