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When The Oprah Show went to New Orleans in 2005, Dr. Mehmet Oz was one of the first from the Angel Network team to arrive on the scene.

With most of the hospitals evacuated, Dr. Oz headed to the Louis Armstrong International Airport, where most of the injured were being treated in makeshift clinics. There, Dr. Oz was unprepared for what he saw: thousands of sick and injured survivors, many who had gone days without food or water, patiently awaiting treatment.

Now, Dr. Oz returns to the airport—a place that's haunted him for two years. "I saw things that I never imagined, and I'm a heart surgeon," he says. "It changed my life. ... I'll never forget the makeshift morgue, and sadly, those who took their last breaths alone."

Although the airport has returned to normal, Dr. Oz says there are still more than 100 bodies in a New Orleans morgue that lay unclaimed.

That's not the only problem...Dr. Oz says New Orleans is in the middle of a crippling healthcare crisis.


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