Lisa Ling on New Orleans' crime wave

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Like many other organizations in New Orleans, Lisa says the police do not have enough resources to combat the crime wave. While the city did have crime before Hurricane Katrina, Lisa says that with the depleted population, the amount of violent crime per capita actually rose after the storm.

Anderson says that in addition to the lack of police resources—such as crime labs—many residents of the crime-ridden, inner-city areas do not report crimes to police. "There is a culture of silence. The people are afraid to come forward," he says.

While there is a lot of violent crime concentrated in certain areas of the city, Lisa says this should not dissuade tourists from visiting. Lisa says places like the French Quarter and other popular areas are still safe to visit. Anderson agrees. "It's a great place to visit. The Mississippi Gulf Coast, the casinos are back," he says. "You can go on vacation there. The best restaurants in the country are there. You can have amazing nights there."