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Oprah Show correspondent Lisa Ling visits Central City, the part of New Orleans that police say is the most dangerous and crime-ridden section of town. Lisa reports that many residents say the crime rate dropped in New Orleans just after the storm, as people banded together in an effort to rebuild. But one year later, she says, many criminals moved back to the city—multiplying the incidence of murders and other crimes.

The Mejia family suffered the devastating effects of this influx of crime. In the summer of 2007, 29-year-old Pablo Mejia was working for his father's construction company to rebuild a home destroyed by the hurricane when the unthinkable happened. Three robbers burst into the house and one of them shot Pablo in the head.

Before he was shot, Pablo had called his wife, Luisa. A half-hour later, she was with him in the hospital. "I wanted him to wake up, and I started saying, 'Wake up. It's me,' and he didn't wake up," she says. "I thought he was still alive. I didn't know he was already dead."

When Pablo was killed, Luisa was just weeks away from delivering their first child, a girl she plans to name Mariana. "Her dad was murdered a month and a half before she was born," Luisa says. "So now she has to be born with a destiny that she didn't deserve." Pablo's murder remains unsolved.