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Inside the Squires household, every family member makes a conscious effort to live green. Kelly, a math teacher and mother of two, says that if everyone did his or her part to preserve resources, it would have a tremendous impact on the entire world.

Every morning, each member of the Squires family starts out with one cup, which they use all day. This helps them cut down on dirty dishes and reduces the number of times they need to run the dishwasher each week.

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Another family rule is that they never throw away clothes. Kelly says they give their old clothes and shoes to friends, charity or church.

"My hope is to instill in my daughters a sense of commitment to the Earth that is instinctive, second nature, and hopefully they will pass this sense of compassion onto their own children as well," Kelly says.

This teacher also wants her students to be aware of their responsibility to the environment. When she taught second grade, Kelly organized a field trip to a landfill. "I think everybody should go," she says. "That way you see that when you say you're throwing something away, it's not really away. It's a place. … It made such an impact on my second graders."
FROM: Going Green 101: What Your Family Can Do Today!
Published on January 01, 2006