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Unlike her first experience at the ranch, Lisa says there were far less restrictions on this visit. With the exception of the ranch's sacred temple, Lisa was allowed access to any area of the ranch she wanted to see. "The ranch is noticeably different this time. It is alive with the sound of children," Lisa says.

For the first time ever, cameras were allowed inside the ranch's school and Lisa was able to speak with a group of fifth-grade girls. 

Lisa: Do you think that girls should be able to get married whenever they want at whatever age they want? 

Girl 1: No, not really. 

Lisa: When do you think they should be able to get married? 

Girl 2: Whatever age my parents want me to be. 

Lisa: What if they said you could get married at 14? 

Girl 2: Then I'd say okay. 

Girl 3: You can marry who the heavenly Father wants you to. 

Lisa: What's the best part about being back? 

Girl 2: I can work without people trying to make us quit working, because our religion teaches us to work and we love to work.
FROM: Updates: Inside the Polygamist Compound and the Heroin Family
Published on March 05, 2009


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