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Although 12 men from the ranch still face criminal charges, including sexual assault and bigamy, Willie says to keep in mind that no one has been convicted. "These men have not had their day in court," he says. "And if you look at the track record of this thing, it's gone from 30, 40 underage girls that were supposedly pregnant and all the kinds of allegations made. But the important thing is this: There isn't one of [the men] that's been convicted or found guilty of a crime. And the fact that everyone can make allegations, those were allegations when they came into the ranch. But at the end of the day, that's what they are, and they're still only that—they're allegations." 

Willie has made a public statement saying that FLDS doesn't condone underage marriage, and says he stands by it. When asked if a 12- or 14- or 15-year-old girl should be allowed to marry, Willie says no. "I don't think any of them in that age group should be involved in a marriage, and I think that we've been very straight about that. I think the evidence has proved that actions speak louder than words and we haven't been involved in that, and I think that that's the part of this story that they haven't disclosed, is we haven't been involved in these and we won't in the future." 

Lisa's update with the family addicted to heroin 

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FROM: Updates: Inside the Polygamist Compound and the Heroin Family
Published on March 05, 2009


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