Your Own Inauguration Bash

I wouldn't call what we are having a "bash," but we feel January 20 is one of the most important days any of us have ever seen. My boyfriend and I are taking the day off work, as are most of his family members, and we are spending the day together at our house (my family lives in different states, otherwise I am sure they would join us). Here is the menu as we know it so far:

  • Inaugural Balls (meatballs)
  • Roasted TomatObamas
  • A Barack of Ribs
  • Obama Bread
  • Barackolli Casserole
  • And it is B.Y.O.Bama!
More to come I am sure! We will, of course, be having a champagne toast as we watch our new president take the oath of office.

Liz Hoffman from Richmond, Virginia