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After the birth of her third child, Marian had worked hard to get her body back in shape. So when the idea came up to try exotic dancing, Marian decided to give it a try. "Had I not been prepared physically to do this, I could have never done it and would have never done it."

Two years later, Marian makes enough money to care for her family. Since she only dances three nights a week, she also has time to spend with her children. "I think this is a godsend for me in a way, merely because for the first time in a long time, I have money in a savings account. I have a life insurance policy," she says. "Before, I was kind of hanging on by a wing and a prayer."

Marian says she struggles with some people's perceptions that stripping is exploitative and degrading, especially because of her Methodist upbringing. "I even prayed before I started working there. I said, 'Lord, don't condemn me for this because I'm not doing it to thrill-seek or anything like that," she says.

People might judge her, but Marian says she doesn't let her job define her as a person. "It's what I do, not who I am. I think you can have dignity and respect in anything you do," she says. "The one thing I want my children to know is at least I didn't give up. I'm not sitting there waiting for someone to take care of me."
FROM: Living on the Edge: Lisa Ling Reports How Far Would You Go?
Published on February 27, 2008


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