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Marian says she didn't tell Sydney the truth at first because she was worried what people would say. "Sometimes I'm ashamed merely because of people's reaction to it, and it does have a stereotype. You think you're a bad person or think you're a loose woman or whatever. That's what I thought before I started working there," she says.

Marian not only hid the truth from her children—her own mother doesn't even know she is a stripper. "My mother thinks I'm a showroom model, but she will know before this show airs. She's always said, 'If you've got it, flaunt it.' I don't know if this is what she meant, but I think she'll love me anyway," Marian says. "The reason I was kind of trying to spare them [Sydney and her mother], I didn't want them to be embarrassed of me or disappointed."

Stripping has improved Marian's financial situation and provided free time with her kids, but the 43-year-old says she knows it won't last forever. "I don't want to be out here with a cane, you know?" she says.

When it's time to stop dancing, Marian says she wants to find a career with the same perks—good pay and free time with the kids. She says she would love to be a personal trainer. "Fitness is a passion of mine," she says.
FROM: Living on the Edge: Lisa Ling Reports How Far Would You Go?
Published on February 27, 2008


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