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Arahim (shown above singing with Grace) is raising his own children with his wife in the camp. His own father and his mother are dead, and the rebels amputated his arm. "What they did to me is a fractional part of my body that they chop off," he says. "So I take it as a destiny. I'll forgive and forget."

With help from the United Nations, the Refugee All Stars travel to other refugee camps to perform and help raise people's spirits. Reuben says performing for other refugees makes a difference. "We are refugees and we know your problems," Reuben says. "But the only contribution we have is to detraumatize the people."

The United Nations also flew the band back to Sierra Leone to record their first album, Living Like a Refugee. It was their first time back since fleeing from Sierra Leone's civil war. "I have hope that this country will one day stand sweetly than before. This is time for us to love ourselves now," Franco says.
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Published on December 04, 2006


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