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Changing the world one family at a time, Dr. Yunus's bank has lent more than $6 billion worldwide. The average loan? Only $130. The repayment rate for the borrower-owned bank? An astounding 99 percent!

Dr. Yunus's bank lends what he calls "micro-credit." The bank requires no collateral. "The fact that you are a human being, that's a good enough introduction for us," Dr. Yunus says. Thanks to his efforts, 58 percent of his borrowers have gotten out of poverty.

Even more unique is the fact that 97 percent of Grameen Bank's borrowers are women. "If a woman is making money, the children become immediate beneficiaries," Dr. Yunus says. "They went to school, they are better fed, they are better clothed."

Despite the many lives he's touched, Dr. Yunus says he never dreamed of winning the Nobel Prize. "I was just trying to solve a local problem," he says. "You get millions of Nobel Prizes just going there, being with people with big smiles. … Life has changed for them."
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Published on December 04, 2006


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