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After months and months of build-up, tonight is the night! As the votes pour in and states turn red and blue, millions of Americans will be glued to their televisions awaiting the returns. "This is going to be a nerve-racking night," Oprah says. "Nobody should watch alone."

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Some people are even hosting parties for their friends. In Washington, D.C.—where national politics is always local—Steve and Lisa will host a party for around 30 of their friends with a menu that works no matter who you voted for.

"We've got food commemorating all the candidates," Lisa says via Skype™. "We'll start out with some appetizers from Chicago. We have some deep-dish pizza, some kielbasa. Then we have some great food from Alaska. We have moose meat sliders and pink salmon."

Where does one get moose meat in Washington, D.C.? "Our friend Megan, here, her husband is from Wasilla, Alaska—Sarah Palin's hometown—so we're connected with moose meat suppliers back in the great state of Alaska."
FROM: A Two-Day Election Event: Oprah's Voting Party
Published on November 04, 2008


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