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Growing up, Prince Manvendra says he always thought he was different. "Being brought up in such a protected environment, I couldn't talk to anyone, couldn't share my views to anyone, so I was confused whether I'm the only one like that or are there a lot of other people like me or was it kind of a disease?"

The prince says he didn't come to terms with his sexuality until after his marriage ended, which he says was arranged but not forced. "I was confused about myself. I wasn't knowing what [I was]," he says. "Am I heterosexual? What is homosexuality? I thought it was a passing phase. I might get over it once I married. And that's the reason I decided to get married."

Prince Manvendra says he was never physically attracted to his wife and never wanted to consummate the marriage. On their wedding night, the prince says he told her he was too tired after the long celebrations.

"It was terrible for her because she got married to me, like any other woman, she expected the kind of satisfaction from her husband," he says. "I wasn't showing any interest so she would get up and start sobbing. I probably thought she was feeling homesick and that's the reason she's sobbing away. … I didn't realize that her anguish is because I am not paying any attention to her."

When they separated, Prince Manvendra says she left him with a powerful message. "Just before she left me, she just said that, 'Well, you tried to spoil the life of somebody like me. I just request you not to do that again,'" he says. "Well, it was totally true. I mean, it was a fact. And I decided there and then that, come what may, I'm not going for a second marriage again."
FROM: Gay Around the World
Published on January 01, 2006


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