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Since coming out, John says people look at him differently, but he doesn't regret his decision. He's even written about it in his first book, Man in the Middle.

"There's something incredibly powerful about people who are genuine or authentic—not just in terms of their sexuality, but in every regard. There's something almost transcendent about it," he says. "I spent 15 years of my life putting a ball in a hole, and what I do now as a psychologist, what I do now in terms of my activism for human rights in general, that's something that's legacy worthy."

John says his family has always been accepting of his sexuality, but he was surprised by the positive reactions he received in the United States. "I definitely underestimated the response in America," he says. "I thought there would be a wave of evangelical fury, if you like. But instead, for the most part, I think I've been incredibly well received. People have really wanted to educate themselves."
FROM: Gay Around the World
Published on January 01, 2006


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