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High-tech cameras and dedicated crew members capture images of snow geese as they fly the entire length of North America to reach the Arctic tundra. More then 5 million birds make this journey every year.

Once the geese touch down inside the Arctic Circle, the females get busy building nests. They must incubate their eggs for three weeks…which leaves them vulnerable to predators.

All winter long, the Arctic fox awaits the arrival of these geese. There are more eggs than the fox could possibly eat, so this crafty canine stashes the surplus. The fox will depend on the extra eggs during the winter months when food is scarce.

Within a day or two of each other, more than a million goslings emerge from their eggs—talk about a baby boom!

The geese aren't the only ones with babies to care for. The fox preys on the vulnerable chicks to feed her seven cubs. She works constantly to feed her family because only fat, healthy cubs will survive the brutal Arctic winter.

During this shoot, Jonny says he developed a special bond with the female fox. "You just feel a connection with them because they're canines," he says. "Eventually, she brought those tiny little cubs out right in front of us and suckled them there in front of us. It feels very special when you have that relationship with an animal."
FROM: Oprah's Magnificent Obsession
Published on March 30, 2007


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