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In Africa, cameras capture a chase scene more gripping than any action movie. Wild hunting dogs are among Africa's rarest mammals—and when they travel in packs, they are among the continent's most efficient predators.

With the heligimble camera, Planet Earth offers a complete view of the dogs' strategy as they hunt impala. The lead dog drives the impala toward hidden flankers. Then, the leader takes a shortcut to head off the prey.

As the dogs close in, one impala makes a mad dash for water. But impala can barely swim, so the dogs wait for it to either return to land or drown. It's this impala's lucky day, though. Another dog has made a kill and summons his mates away from the water's edge. As they leave for their daily feast, the swimming impala comes ashore and runs away.

Jonny, who was there for this sequence, says it's hard to choose sides in a hunt. "Sometimes you don't know who to kind of root for," he says. "The dogs have got their pups to feed and they need to catch something. But you want the impala to get away, as well. It's really difficult. You get really torn."
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Published on March 30, 2007