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Bella and Connor Cruise  
Oprah: Do you think that your kids are having a normal life? Or has the Cruise factor affected them?

Tom: Look, it's something that always as a parent you're struggling. "Did I say the right thing? Did [I] do the right thing?" ... We're a family. And part of it is, I try to really create a life together.

Oprah: Is it hard on them if you're being attacked in the press?

Tom: You know what? They love me, so they know. They've grown up with that, and I'm sure there's things that they don't like. And you go, "Okay, that happened. Things go wrong, but don't live in it. Don't live in that because today is a new day and there's plenty of tomorrows." ... They're good people, my children. I'm proud of them because they're good people. I don't want them to worry about anything. You know, as a parent, I don't want them to worry. I don't want them to worry.

Oprah: That's what a good parent is.

Tom: I'm someone who's like, I take care of things. They know me; they know I'm there. No matter what, I'm always there.
FROM: Exclusive: From His Telluride Home: The Tom Cruise Interview
Published on May 29, 2008