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Katie in the Spotlight  
Oprah: How is Kate handling all of this? Because, listen, she was, you know, Dawson's Creek, but she wasn't all over every magazine.

Tom: No one should ever underestimate—that woman has got strength.

Oprah: Was she hurt by all those things people were saying about you and about your baby?

Tom: You know, I think it's something I'd rather Kate talk about that, than me talking for Kate.

Oprah: I understand that.

Tom: You know what I mean? ...

Oprah: But you know how she felt.

Tom: Yeah. Absolutely. I mean, picture every mother and how she's going to feel about that. ... It's the downside, and I don't want to give that a lot of weight because of the upside and what we get to do is so great, and that's what I try to do, focus on that.

Oprah: Were you upset or have you been upset by people saying even what you have isn't real? What you have with Kate isn't real?

Tom: That's laughable to me. That stuff's laughable.
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Published on May 29, 2008


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