On Board the Plastiki
In March 2010, explorer David de Rothschild and his crew set sail on the Plastiki, a boat built from recycled materials, to raise awareness about the earth's oceanic crisis. Get an exclusive look inside this ship!
The Plastiki at sea
The Plastiki is made of 12,500 plastic bottles and other recycled materials.
Plastiki Crew
At any point in time, six people are on board the Plastiki. Crew members include David de Rothschild, Jo Royle, David Thomson, Olav Heyerdahl and filmmakers Vern Moen and Max Jourdan.
David de Rothschild
David and his team embarked from San Francisco. Their goal is to sail through the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to Sydney, Australia.
Hanging out on the Plastiki
Two members of the crew hang out on deck of the Plastiki, which measures 60 feet.
The Plastiki
Plastic bottles were recycled to make the hull of the Plastiki.
Mealtime with the crew
The Plastiki crew eats a sustainable diet. They even have a hydroponic, rotating cylinder garden so they can have fresh fruits and vegetables during their time at sea.
Blogging on board the Plastiki
While at sea, the Plastiki team updates their blog and other social media sites on a laptop powered with solar and wind energy.
David de Rothschild sends updates from sea
In a recent blog post, titled "Earth Day Every Day," David offers tips on how to make every day a little more green.
Olav Heyerdahl
Olav Heyerdahl
Norwegian crew member Olav Heyerdahl is an expert expedition diver.
David Thomson on the Plastiki
David Thomson is the co-skipper of the Plastiki.
Filmmaker Max Jourdan
Filmmaker Max Jourdan is shooting and directing a documentary about the Plastiki for National Geographic.
Jo Royle
Jo Royle, the only female crew member, is the skipper of the Plastiki crew.
Plastiki Navigation System
The crew logs on to get weather updates while at sea.
At the helm of the Plastiki
A crew member relaxes at the helm of the Plastiki.
Underwater Plastiki View
David takes an underwater glimpse of the plastic bottles and other recycled materials that make up the Plastiki.
Pacific Ocean
The Plastiki crew will spend about 100 days sailing on the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney.
David de Rothschild at sea
David looks out onto the world's largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean.
Plastiki crew playing board games on deck
To help pass the time at sea, the crew bonds over board games on deck of the Plastiki.
David Thomson
David Thomson gets some exercise on the boat's stationary bike.
Tea Time Aboard the Plastiki
The crew prepares tea in their kitchen for night watch aboard the Plastiki.
Nightfall on the Plastiki
A colorful nightfall descends on the Pacific Ocean and the Plastiki.

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