O's guide to help you through the election
Photo: Ben Goldstein/Studio D
As we race toward the climax of campaign season, ask what you can do for your country—and what the Internet can do for you.
At Maps.Google.com/Elections, track where and when McCain and Obama will be stumping, or geek out on the Electoral Votes map, where you can enter hypothetical results in each state to calculate the winner.

At YouTube.com/YouChoose, look through speeches by keyword (for example, healthcare, taxes, environment) using the "What Did the Candidates Say?" tool, which marks where the words appear in each video with handy yellow tabs.

Similarly, search the presidential debates by topic at MyDebates.org (launched by MySpace), where you can watch the presidential and VP face-offs anytime, with onscreen "Issue Icons" (think VH1's Pop-Up Video) as a fact-packed bonus.

The League of Women Voters' Vote411.org covers elections by state (from school district seats to governors' races) and offers information on everything from casting absentee ballots to the technical details of your local voting machines.

Once you're fully informed and ready to cast your ballot, don't go it alone on November 4: Sign a pledge to join the Take Our Daughters to the Polls campaign at TheWhiteHouseProject.org/Daughters.


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