Eat Organically
Sophie Uliano, Julia Roberts and Oprah
Oscar®-winning actress Julia Roberts takes her movie roles to heart, but she takes one offscreen role much more seriously—her role as a global citizen. Julia says she's always been environmentally conscious but became "more focused" after having three children. "You realize we do have a responsibility of our impact in every way to our kids, the way we talk to them and the example that we offer them and the things to teach them," she says. "There's such a wealth of knowledge now that we can educate ourselves with, and it's our responsibility."

One person who helped educate Julia is friend and green guru Sophie Uliano, author of Gorgeously Green . Everyone can become environmentally conscious just by taking small steps, Sophie says. "For me, green isn't extreme," she says. "There's shades of green. … You pick your shade."

Sophie says you can take your first step in the grocery store by purchasing organic foods. "Organic means that it's grown without the use of herbicides, pesticides. It's not genetically modified; it's not irradiated," Sophie says. "Organic farming protects the planet, so it's a win-win. It's healthier for us, and it's healthier for the planet."