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Before having gastric bypass surgery, Kylie says she'd been dieting since she was 9 years old, but nothing seemed to work. Now, she's lost 120 pounds.

For a few weeks after the surgery, Kylie says she wasn't allowed to have solid foods. She lived on Jell-O, chicken broth and sugar-free Popsicles. These days, however, she says she can eat almost anything…in small quantities.

"Now I can eat probably maybe half a hamburger, a few fries, and I'm done," she says. If she ate more, Kylie says she'd get sick and throw up.

Though she's happy with her weight loss, she says she's having a hard time adjusting to a world without dieting. "I am dealing with a lot of psychological issues around maintaining because I've known how to lose weight for so long," she says. "Now doctors are saying, 'You don't have to drink non-fat milk. You don't have to have low fat. It's okay to have the whole milk.' It's freaking me out."
FROM: Should a 340-Pound Teen Have Gastric Bypass?
Published on March 14, 2008


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