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As a child, MacGregor says he tried every diet and weight loss plan imaginable, but he continued to gain about 50 pounds a year.

At 12 years old, MacGregor's parents enrolled him in a summer weight loss camp for kids. That summer, he went from 250 to 200 pounds. When he returned home, his healthy habits came to a halt. One month later, MacGregor says he'd gained the weight back and was right back where he started.

"I figured this is what it's going to be [like] for the rest of my life … so I might as well get used to it," he says. "I was depressed, but you couldn't tell at all. I would put on a happy face and be able to run around and hang out with everybody, but still be the quiet fat kid in the corner at the same time."

Every time MacGregor looked in the mirror, he says he saw the dark shades of depression. "I wouldn't see it take over my whole face," he says. "I'd still see a smile and say, 'Well, everything's going to be all right.'"

Over time, MacGregor went from 250 to 300 pounds. When he reached 360 pounds his mother, Jacqueline, says she started to fear for his life.
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Published on March 14, 2008